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I had the opportunity to be part of the CoCreate: MAX Illustration team that worked on creating art for Adobe MAX, The Creativity Conference

There’s something so beautiful about the power of collective creativity.

Adobe Max is a virtual event featuring live and on-demand content, including sessions, labs, keynotes, musical performances and celebrity guest appearances, plus sneak peeks of new Adobe features straight from the Adobe labs.

A passion for creating
engages us all.

As part of the CoCreate: MAX Illustration Team, I’ve been commissioned to create  three unique video call background designs with different themes: 
1. MAX focused
2. Artist’s Choice
3. Regional​​​​​​ theme.
I proposed to several colleagues to work together and we’ve designed these three themes.

Artist theme: Autumn Color Explosions

I thought it would be a good idea to use the fall leafs color gradient. Autumn is a beautiful season that transmits a multitude of sensations.
I built a set made of paper where the Adobe MAX logo letters have become small cabins. We could imagine us traveling there and enjoying the nature.

Regional Theme: «Cierzo»

Zaragoza’s wind – «Cierzo» – is a natural and dynamic element. We thought that this aligns with the idea of ​​fluidity and movement in a creative journey with Adobe Max, so we decided to use these colorful paper pinwheels to create the regional theme.
The movement of the  pinwheels causes them to blend with each other and generate the Adobe gradient.

MAX theme: Light & Color

We were thinking about how to design the MAX theme image when we decided that it could be interesting if we played with a combination of colored smoke, pipes and bubbles.
We have created a bright illustration with many colorful reflections and using Adobe gradient as the main element.

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